by on February 8, 2018
MUXE is a platform on which private individuals and companies can offer real estates such as homes, businesses, and real-estate projects free of charge. The distinctive character of MUXE is that we try to cut as many costs where we can and offer as much value as possible. There will be a tariff-free listing market and the MUXE platform will focus on all <a href="">countries</a> in the world. Someone in China can therefore easily find a home (Rent of Sale) or a Real Estate investment in, for example the United States or someone from <a href="">pre ico</a> Brasil can easily find a home in Belgium.
Without a business model, a commercial enterprise will have a very difficult time surviving. MUXE would charge fees for exclusive listings and advertising to create revenue. The free rate offers a basic package of promotion tools. If the client does not think the tools in basic package is enough to promote their <a href="">real estate</a> or project, they can upgrade to a premium package.
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