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by on January 14, 2021

Well, it is quite impossible to open a Facebook account without password if the account is not yours. However, if it is your account and you are not able to recall your password or username, you can try the hacks that are given here in this short blog. Believe it or not, Facebook gives you an option to bypass Facebook password. So, read the hacks given here if you want to open Facebook without password.

Check for another logged-in device – The first thing that you need to check if there is any other device where your Facebook account is already logged in. If yes, you can recover or change the password from that device itself. It is probably the most simplistic approach to the issue, and we often tend to ignore this.

Check if your account has been hacked - You need to also check if your account has been hacked or not. Notice that there isn’t any suspicious activity going on in your account. If yes, you need to go for resetting the password.

Account Recovery – Facebook also gives you an option to recover your account or password by using the two-step verification method. For this, you need to have either of the two; a registered email ID or registered phone number. If yes, you can simply click on forgot password, and just keep following the on-screen instructions.

In the end, once your account has been recovered, you need to know how to change the email on Facebook and password along with it. Change your email ID if you don’t have access to it anymore. And, it is also important to change your password and keep a stronger one for all the security reasons.

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