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by on February 10, 2021


Concerns over the environment will continue to grow among the world's consumers, and there is an increasing desire to make a difference with purchasing. Consequently, many companies consider developing sustainable products to meet customers needs regarding increasing environmental awareness. There are many factors attributed to sustainable products. First, such goods meet the company's customer needs. Besides concentrating on environmental benefits, sustainable products also take into account social impact. Another feature of the products is being environmentally friendly throughout the whole product life cycle. Sustainable products are in continuous improvement process that enables them to keep up with consumers expectations.

Therefore, to develop a sustainable product the company should investigate its intended market to address current society's needs and expectations. Secondly, it should invest into research and development to build the product that will not bring any harm to the environment from the very start (using and obtaining raw materials) to the end point (delivering the product to the consumers). Besides, the company should take into account stakeholders interests, for instance, the community where companys facilities are located. Finally, continuous research and development are required to monitor, assess, and bring in required changes to the product to keep up with developing technological progress and changing wants of consumers. Therefore, to be successful in the years to come, a company's product portfolio will have to include greener products offerings.

It is evident that the development of sustainable products is an ongoing process. Therefore, the decision to develop the existing product or developing a new one will depend on a range of factors. At the initial stage, the company should investigate if it is possible to alter the existing product with the aim of making it a sustainable one. It is also necessary to assess what resources are required and how much needs to be invested into the development. In the same way, development of a new product requires research and assessment. The final decision is usually made for the product that will be less costly and bring benefits to the environment and society.

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