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According to the UK Partner Visa or Spouse Visa, the person applying should be either a spouse or civil partner or unmarried partner of a person who is either a UK citizen or is settled in the UK. A person fulfilling the above conditions can apply for Family Visa UK to enter and reside in the UK.

Following are conditions that need to be fulfilled to qualify for the UK Partner Visa or Spouse Visa other than above:

  • Both parties must be 18 years old or more.

  • Both parties have to be married legally or should be under a civil partnership registration.

  • Also, both the parties will need to prove that the relationship between the two is legal, genuine, and of continuing nature, and the two have every intention to live in the relationship. The relationship in case of unmarried partner visa between the two parties must be of 2 years or more.

  • The applicants have to also prove that there is proper and adequate accommodation for the parties and the dependents will be able to maintain themselves adequately without help from the public funds.

  • The applicant should also meet the requirements of the English language.

  • The financial requirements for a person applying under the UK Partner visa vary according to the number of dependents.

So if a person is either a UK citizen or has settled in the UK i.e. has an ILR, PR, or Settle status or has refugee status or humanitarian protection in the UK then the legal spouse, fiancé, fiancée, or proposed civil partner of the above-said person may apply for the UK Partner Visa.

This visa allows the holder to stay in the UK for 2 years and 9 months. If the visa holder has applied as a fiancé, fiancée, or proposed civil partner then the stay is limited for 6 months and the holder will need to get an extension to continue living in the UK in the future. These are some of the important points and more details could be found on the British Government portal where you will be helped in every way possible.

Once you decide to apply for such a visa then there is a special fee, which you will be paying at the time of applying which depends on where you are applying from, how many persons there are, etc. Once applied it takes from 8 to 12 weeks depending upon your location when you applied for the visa i.e. whether you were in the UK or outside of the UK.

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