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An abstract is an independent written work of a student or pupil, which should be at least 18-20 pages long. It takes from one week to several months to complete and https://essayassistant.org/ draw it up independently.

The main difference between the abstract from other types of student work is that it is a detailed retelling of the problem posed in it. At the same time, one or more monographs, books or other sources, such as coursework writing service, are taken as the basis.

Its main value lies in the fact that it should absorb as much factual information on the issue at hand and draw certain conclusions. It is not conclusions based on the research of the problem, but a statement revealing the essence of the arguments of the predecessors. A hypothesis, as in a term paper or diploma, is not needed here either.

On the other hand, it is a mistake to think that an abstract is a simple statement of material taken from relevant sources. The abstract is a rethinking of the essence of the question posed. There should be reasoned arguments and comparisons. The quality of these arguments directly depends on the type and style of the abstract.

In its design the abstract does not differ much from such a type of school work as an abstract. Just like an abstract, it has a structure consisting of three main python assignment help. That is, it must have the following sections: the introductory part; the main content; conclusions; appendixes, which are illustrated material, tables and charts; list of references.

In the introductory part should be placed the rationale for the choice of topic and the formulation of the problem. In the main part, depending on the type of abstract, there should be a section with a presentation of the materials used primary source, but for the abstract-report to evaluate the primary source should add a subjective assessment of the solution of the problem; in the review abstract - to make a comparative analysis; in the abstract-abstract - data on the possibilities of application of the specified research, and in the summary abstract - just paraphrase.

Conclusions, again according to the type of abstract, can be more complex or more simple. In the abstract-summary - it will be just a brief summary, but in the abstract-report there should be a comparative analysis.


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