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Argument Defined

In philosophy as well as logic, an argument consists of a series of statements known as premises which are aimed at determining the extent of truth another statement carries, or the conclusion. The logical form of an argument can be a natural language that can be presented in the form of formal language known as arguments like ones made in computer science and math. 


As studied in informal logic, informal arguments are aimed at everyday discourse and presented in ordinary language. Formal logic presents the formula arguments also known as mathematical logic or symbolic logic quite often presented as a formal language. The informal logic stresses the study of argumentation. On the other hand, formal logic presents inference and implication. 


Implicit arguments are also known as informal arguments. The relationship between warrants, claims, relations of implications, premises, and the conclusion is not always visible immediately but it needs to be made with explicit analysis. Deductive argument emphasizes the truth of the logical consequence of the claim presented. While inductive reasoning emphasizes the facts presented in the conclusion backed by the propensity of the premises.  


Counter-Argument Defined

In most persuasive responses, the essay writer quite often needs to have an opposing point of view. There are two dimensions to this exchange. The counterargument is when your opponent attacks your narrative or perspective and you respond back with a rebuttal. A person might ask, “Why would I place someone in a space which makes it quite comfortable to create a weakness in your essay”. 


If you want to state a convincing and fair message, you need to outline, anticipate and research some of the most common arguments that counterfeit your thesis. Stating the counter-arguments makes your argument stronger as it shows your argument to be fair-minded, unafraid, and credible. You would then be able to fight back in a smart manner. Adding these components would then make your paper lengthy.


Best Way Put an Argument and Counter-Argument

A counterargument can be placed anywhere in the essay. But it is usually written as:

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  • Introduction 

Before you propose your thesis as a part of your introduction, the motive of your essay is the existence of a different point of view, the reason being writing. You can also add it right after your introduction, as a paragraph or section you lay the standard position or expected reaction before you develop your own argument. You can ask for a quick move in a paragraph, in which you visualize that a counter-argument is to your idea but that the sub-idea is arguing and is about the argument. 


You might also include it as a paragraph or section of your essay in which you can visualize what could be objected to by someone to what you have presented in the argument. A counter-argument usually has two stages. You begin to challenge your argument by turning against it in the first stage. 


Rebuttal Defined

It is the only way to turn the tables on your challenger, called rebuttal. The judges often say in the court, “If you have heard the accusations, you can proceed for rebuttal”. A paper writing service can also have a rebuttal. As a counter-argument fairly presents the other side of opinion, you can present the logical rebuttal arguments to deflect or undo any damage which might have been done. 


Such arguments are delivered using a formal or polite tone, which represents that you are unintimidated in charge of the situation. The most effective adversary is a calm warrior. Some writers, before introducing their rebuttal, compliment their opponent for holding a position or perspective. If you have sufficient time, it is advisable to introduce two rebuttals for every counterargument of your opponent. It will provide you with a greater advantage in the said argument. 


Counter-Arguments in a Debate

The counter-arguments are quite offensive because they usually undermine the issue raised by the opponent. It is also used to make the argument stronger by highlighting discrepancies in the arguments raised against it. It could be quite challenging to form a counter-argument because it needs an understanding of the topic being discussed as well as well-rounded knowledge. It is the most challenging part of a debate and taking help from a "write my paper for me service writer" would help you a lot. Counter-arguments are based on certain facts and contend that the argument of the opponent does not make use of factually correct data. A counterargument is usually based upon analysis. 


How Do I Know If I Am A Good Writer?


Including a counterargument in your essay might seem counterintuitive and most expert essay writers might be quite unsure how to include one. When I write my paper, I tend to first identify, investigate, address and refine the argument presented. At first, you need to highlight counterarguments in your essay. There would be a number of authors who would be disagreeing with the argument which you have presented. 



If you're searching the contemporary opioid crisis in America, you can state your argument as follows: The state governments need to allocate a small portion of the budget in the recovery centers in the areas which have a huge impact on the opioid crisis. The counterarguments for such an example can be:


  1. The recovery centers do not actually help the addicted people
  2. The are other pressing concerns other than addiction where funds need to be allocated
  3. Maintaining and establishing a recovery center might seem expensive
  4. Assisting addicts would be of no use to the state


This was all about, arguments, counter-arguments, and rebuttal. I hope this blog would have helped you learn the difference appropriately.

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