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A memo or a memorandum is usually used by different companies and institutions to set forward their policies, rules, procedures, and official business concerning an organization. Memos are used typically in professional settings and usually are very easy and brief to understand what is stated to it.


A memo written in an effective and well-developed and organized way is very important for a company to run its internal affairs and work smoothly. For such companies and organizations, a memo plays a very significant role.


An essay writer is very much aware of different kinds of writing and their strategies and techniques. They are able to write a memo also in an effective way but still, there is also room for improvement for everyone be it a professional writer or a novice writer.


The evidence shows that a memo is usually a small piece of writing but it is able to give stress and headaches to every member of the office. This is because it is very hard to write a memo in a short period of time. It takes time to figure out what and how to write in a memorandum. It has to be written in a nice tone of voice because it can make others judge you the way you write.


Memos are very significant in the lives of the employees for their career achievement. It is because communication skills are vital in the business setting, especially in the businesses like marketing, finance, and others as well.


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You need to be very careful what you write and how you write. Before writing a memo, get to know the purpose of it and then start the writing process. When I write my essay, I keep certain tips of writing in mind to create good work, the same goes for memos also.


Following are some of the key points and tips that you need to keep in mind when you write a memo


Know the purpose

Before you indulge yourself in the writing process, you need to know why you are writing a memo. You must know that a memo is usually a short piece of writing that stays in the company, and if it goes out, it will be called a letter.


According to the experts, a memo should be no longer than two pages in length. If it goes beyond the length then it becomes a report. If you are able to write a memo in two paragraphs, and still manage to state the facts, then you will get enough appreciation.


The main purpose of a memo is to make someone understand what to do or make them understand something. It can be related to meeting deadlines, criticizing, spending money, or saying no or yes.


If you are still confused you can also consult a professional paper writing service online.

Personal voice

When you write a memo, make sure that you use an active voice in your writing. You have to use a personal voice such as “I”, “we”, “you” etc. to make someone else do something. In order to get more action and attention, an active voice is highly recommended in writing a memo than a passive voice.


Have to be conversational

It is not necessary that you have to follow the conventional rules of writing. A memo can be written conversationally; the way you talk with your peers and other fellow you can use contractions in the writing as well.


Avoid boosting off

In writing a memo, you need to be careful of your choice of words. You do not need to add scholarly words. Remember you are not writing an academic research article, it is a memo, so follow the conventions of a memo. Avoid technical terms, jargon, and lofty words. The mist thing is to make it simple but clear.


Avoid smothered words

These words are the words that have fancy endings such as “size”, “ion”, “to”, and “ent” etc. The more you avoid such words in your writing, the better.



When you write, try to ignore the dullness and triteness in your writing. There are various ways to express an idea or a thing. Make sure that you have different constructions for sentences that have similar ideas. Avoid repetition, it only creates dullness; you have to be unique in the way you write a memo.



While crafty a memo, visualize your reader in your mind. Usually, memos are written from the point of view of a writer, not the reader. But still the reader has to do something when he receives a memo. Therefore, write in such a way as having a face-to-face chat with the person to whom you are writing a memo. Some students hire essay writers services like "CollegeEssay.org" to compose a memo for them when they feel difficulty.


Top line the bottom line

What you need to do is a state at the start or in the first line of a paragraph that you're your reader to do. It is more like asking for the action at the start and then telling the problem.


Avoid giving ways

Do not give your audience extra information about what you want them to do. Give them six or seven reasons why you want something to be done but no more than that.



When you end up writing a memo, you do not close it with anything. But if you want a certain action, state the time of day when you want the action to be done.


You can also use an essay writing service to help you in writing a memo. As they provide different services, you will benefit.


These mentioned tips will help you in writing a good memo for a company. Make sure to utilize all the tips so that you end up writing an effective memo.



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