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Being a student, you must have written hundreds of assignments and other academic papers to obtain high grades. Among all the academic assignments, the most common is essay writing. No matter what your educational level is, you are always instructed to write essays especially when you are in high school or college. Apparently, writing an essay seems easy because you do not have to write a dozen pages as you do in research papers. 

But it would not be fair to say that essay writing is an essay. Like other academic papers, essay writing is also consisting of specific rules and steps that every essay writer has to follow. To write a convincing essay, the writer has to possess great academic writing or custom writing skills otherwise your efforts can go all in vain. In my opinion, all sorts of academic papers cannot be composed if the writer does not have a command of academic writing. 

A research paper is the most technical task that requires a lot of effort even when you are good at writing academic papers. I still remember the difficulties that I faced when I was writing my thesis because I did not have any external help. But when I failed to write on my own, I hired a professional to write paper for me.

I believe research papers and report writing consist of various chapters that are nearly impossible for you to write without an expert’s assistance.

Since writing academic papers is an extremely difficult task, most of the students prefer to hire professional online writers instead of writing assignments on their own. Hiring professional academic writers is not rocket science. To hire a writer, you just need to find a trustworthy and essay writing service provider and place your order. Hiring cheap essay writing service is very beneficial as they help you a lot in polishing your academic writing skills. 

  1.     Sample papers

Even when you do not hire online academic writers, you get benefited. By just visiting the company’s site you can get an idea as to how you can compose your academic work. Wondering how? Well, the answer is professional writer’s sample papers e.g., if you don’t know how to write an essay, visit a writing company’s site and you will find a number of sample essays written by expert writers. The sample paper will guide you regarding the outline and discussion section of the essay. 

  1.     Use of language

The academic papers written by an expert academic writer will provide you with ample information regarding the choice of words and sentence structure that are necessary for academic writing. If you are not really good at academic writing, you might know what tone you need to develop, what vocabulary you need to use, and what sentence structure you need to follow while writing an academic paper. But you will get to know all of this, once you read a paper written by a professional writer.  

By reading the expert’s paper, you will which words considered are considered academic and can be used in your paper. In addition to this, you will observe the sentence structure being used by professional writers. The next time when you will write a paper on your own, you will be able to incorporate all these academic writing features.

  1.     Research-based writing

Most of the students do not really know how to write a research-based paper but professional writers help you with this as well. A sample paper composed by a professional writer or best essay writing service that will guide you to write an informative essay based on a number of research studies. Besides learning how to create an argument, you will find out how to cite sources. Citing sources is the most integral and difficult point of an academic paper and you learn citation by observing professional writers’ sample papers.


Now let's take a look at topics for Academic Writing .

Essay Topics for Academic Writing 


A narrative essay is specific to any excess sorts of essays. Various understudies feel that it is clear and attractive, while others search for writing services. 


A narrative essay is about the writer's own special experiences and brains. The writer can elucidate any individual, region, thing, or other essay or subject that rings a bell in this paper. 


This paper needn't bother with a great deal of assessment, which is the explanation various understudies can complete quickly. Moreover, this essay helps understudies with working on their imaginative capacities, allowing them to end up being better paper essayists. 


The subject of a story paper, like another essay, is critical. If you have a story undertaking to complete, be sure you have adequate freedom to complete it. 


We've accumulated a summary of captivating record paper subject thoughts for you in this essay. You can create an astonishing essay on any of the going with subjects, as they have all been picked by a specialist writing service.


  • A narrative about a time when you had a disagreement with someone.
  • When was the last time you had to deal with a tormentor?
  • Someone who has committed suicide.
  • The day you were presented with your secondary school diploma
  • Someone was caught cheating quite some time ago.
  • A car accident that you clearly witnessed.
  • When was the last time you felt ashamed of yourself?
  • You put up a magnificent performance.
  • You helped a friend during a period at school when someone was thrashed.
  • The contemporary era is characterized by outstanding musicians.
  • Because of prescription use, artists have lost their entire reputation.
  • Hip hop culture's spread across the United States.
  • A time when you met friends in an unusual situation.

A good writer with academic excellence can write on these topics.

  • It was a time when your younger sibling or sister looked up to you.
  • There was a time when you were relieved to be the only child in the house.
  • It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
  • It's the most significant gift I've ever received.
  • Your family's customs are unique.
  • You were most taken aback by a custom.
  • What is your favorite occasion, and how does it manifest itself in your daily life?
  • Why is it important to understand your own style of life?
  • Changes in culture as a result of circumstances
  • The impact of the media on culture
  • Culinary customs in your family
  • Initially, you had a disagreement with the cops.
  • My favorite subjects in middle school were
  • How I Overcame My Biggest Fear
  • My most significant achievements
  • Surprisingly, you bombed a topic.
  • You needed to make a difficult decision.
  • A friendship or partnership has come to an end.
  • The start of kinship or a deep emotional bond.
  • When you felt like you were progressing in your life, this was a defining moment.
  • A time in your life when you saw one or both of your parents in a new light.
  • You used to look up to your older sister when you were younger.
  • Your most-watched talk show.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of your character in web-based media.
  • In my daily life, the significance of sports groups and clubs
  • Inform us about the devices that, for the most part, have an impact on your life.
  • What was the most thrilling adventure you had with your friends?
  • How would you want to spend your excursion during the cooler months of the year?
  • Tell us about your most thrilling climbing experience.
  • Please tell us about the impact voyaging has made on your life.
  • You went back 50 years in your fantasy.
  • The most important day of your academic career
  • A field trip was taken by your class.
  • Get-away is the most important aspect of your summer.
  • Throughout the excursion, something unexpected or frightening happened.
  • You had a creepy event when you were younger.
  • When you were confronted with something very threatening.
  • A time when you learned something new and it had an impact on your life.

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