Alternatively, you can try resetting the email server. In some cases, the problem could be caused by an unsupported email server, which is the case with the iOS 15 beta. If you're unable to download emails from Outlook, you might need to reset your iPhone. The first step to fix your Outlook not receiving emails on iPhone is to check the settings of your email account. If you're using iOS, check whether the mail server is compatible with your device.

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Top 8 Ways to Fix Outlook Not Receiving Emails on iPhone

  1. Enable Notifications for Outlook. Let's start with the basics. ...
  2. Check Other Inbox. ...
  3. Enable Notifications for Focused and Other Inboxes. ...
  4. Add Email Account in Outlook Again. ...
  5. Disable Focus Mode. ...
  6. Disable Scheduled Summary. ...
  7. Check Archive Inbox. ...
  8. Update Outlook.

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