Here I can explain to you, how to solve AOL mail issue:

  • Step 1:Check the filter settings of the mail in the first step to solve AOL mail not working. 
  • Step 2:Verify all the filters and disable the ones that are not needed. 
  • Step 3:A few filters of the mail app will direct the incoming mail to the trash or spam folder directly. 
  • Step 4:Disable such filters and check if the issue has been resolved. 
  • Step 5:If there is heavy network traffic or any problems with the mail server, the mail will be delayed. 
  • Step 6:Wait patiently for a few minutes and check if you are receiving the mail. 
  • Step 7:Next, sign into the AOL mail and navigate to the Spam folder. 
  • Step 8:Check if you received the mail to the spam folder. If so, select the mail and then click the Not Spam option available at the top part of the screen. 

I hope your problem was solved. If you have any query visit us.

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Grace Lee


Sometimes you want to send important mails and your Aol mail is not working due to many reasons like poor internet or incompatible browser. First of all start applying steps to fix this issue. Try to reset your internet connection now try to login again your email. Sometimes Aol mail is not working on the iphone, so I try to uninstall the aol mail application and install it again.

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amara Walker

How to solve AOL mail issue " the message was not sent because of an error" is a common problem that often comes mostly AOL users. You can follow these instructions to get resolved that: - 

Go to AOL mail accounts, hit on options under your profile name.

Now, hit on "Mail Settings" from the drop down list.

Then, click on Compose on the left sidebar on the Settings page.

After that, check your Display Name, if it differs from your genuinely set name, then Change it.

Finally, hit on "Save Settings" button, This will resolve your problem of AOL Mail issue.

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