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Here I can explain to you, how to solve AOL mail issue:

  • Step 1:Check the filter settings of the mail in the first step to solve AOL mail not working. 
  • Step 2:Verify all the filters and disable the ones that are not needed. 
  • Step 3:A few filters of the mail app will direct the incoming mail to the trash or spam folder directly. 
  • Step 4:Disable such filters and check if the issue has been resolved. 
  • Step 5:If there is heavy network traffic or any problems with the mail server, the mail will be delayed. 
  • Step 6:Wait patiently for a few minutes and check if you are receiving the mail. 
  • Step 7:Next, sign into the AOL mail and navigate to the Spam folder. 
  • Step 8:Check if you received the mail to the spam folder. If so, select the mail and then click the Not Spam option available at the top part of the screen. 

I hope your problem was solved. If you have any query visit us.

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