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We took this new model of portable inhibition to MONSTER, because it was indeed the first interceptor in the world that was so powerful, and with the odnovremmeno block 10 differences and the most popular GPS jammer. The suppression radius of the muffler is up to 15 meters. MONSTER has six rubber antennas and six switches. Each switch is responsible for 1-2 frequencies, which can be closed/opened as needed. Somewhere, for example, if you need to protect themselves from the GSM bug, but at the same time, you don't want to prevent other frequency, use a special kind of switch you can turn off unnecessary frequency, only blocking MONSTER GSM frequency. GSM, 900 GSM jammer GSM - 1800 GPS L1, L2, GPS GPS L5, GLONASS (GLONASS) - WIFI, bluetooth, using any device - CDMA 850-2.4 GHz frequency of 3 g is unlikely to replace the 4 g LTE GPS and WIFI range (700-800) and 4 g Wimax (2500-2700). Therefore, holding the suppressor, you can protect themselves from is used to monitor you absolutely, prevent meeting or in the process of trading information disclosure, ensure that in the cinema or the library's silence, and interfering with all GSM/GPS/WIFI devices in a variety of other cases. Technical characteristics: block area: up to 15m lithium ion battery 8.4V, 2600mA. Fully charged batteries run for 2.5 hours. Adapter: AC adapter: 110V-250V - DC 5V, car adapter: 12V-24V DC 5V, 2000 mA. Antenna: 3 x 3dbm SMA. Working temperature: 050c allowable air humidity: 580% GSM suppressator in fact, manufacturers declare that the locking radius may be smaller. It all depends on the strength of the signal and the location of the jammer! The device runs with a specified radius and a cellular signal strength of 95 dBm GSM suppressor. https://www.jammer-buy.com/taxi-is-fitted-with-GPS-tracker.html
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