March 5, 2018
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Request by prepperz in phpFox Feature Request tracker.

Videos tend to become broken all the time, especially with youtube video. Currently, you have to delete the video and then add a new one. This represents some problems.

  1. It's really bad for SEO
  2. Cause broken links if you shared the link to the video on other sites.
  3. Really inconvenient.

By being able to replace the source, and not having to kill the link to your site, it produces a long standing higher quality link and content.

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So do you think it should work if one has it set up to approve the video before showing and they put a cute little kittien and I approve it and then they change the source to something I do not want on my site. Could this become an issue?
If you have to approve before displaying I don't see why it would be any different.
Hey Stupid...HA HA funny name :) because once you approved their video they could go back and edit it and replace the source or link with something you don't want on your yes approving would be useless. Maybe I am misunderstanding what Prepperz means by replacing the source and approval ...View More
Simon Smith
This feature is Ok, only if the newly sourced video can be approved by admin and if there is an issue with broken links.
Yes...Simon you hit it the nail on the head...I just watch a video of another cms and they have it set up that if someone goes back in and changes a title, image or description and it needed approval first that when they edit and save it automatically remove them from the approved list and back unde...View More
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